Academic Staff Personnel Policies and Procedures for Annual Review and Promotion


All information on this web page is excerpted from Section V of the UW-W University Handbook.


Additional information about policies and procedures regarding academic staff can also be located at the Academic Staff Assembly  web site.


If you are unable to find the information you’re looking for, or if you have additional questions, contact Denise Enlen, Chair of the Academic Staff Assembly for 2008-2009, at 5212.


1.03 Definition of Academic Staff. Academic staff members are professional and administrative personnel, other than faculty, who have duties and are subject to types of appointments that are primarily associated with institutions of higher education and their administration.


Annual reviews:


·Instructional academic staff: 


            NOTE:  The primary responsibility for Instructional Academic Staff is teaching.


            ANNUAL REVIEW:


The performance of instructional academic staff is to be reviewed annually at the department level.  Annual reviews of Instructional Academic Staff are to follow the same procedures as those of probationary faculty.   For additional information, see Section VI-A, Performance Review, of UW-W Instructional Academic Staff Policies.


                        The Academic Staff Assembly Purple Book is the portfolio for the annual review.                           


Department Chairs should give Notice of Review at least 20 days prior to the Review.


The Department Chair may use the  Performance Evaluation Form in completing the annual review and forwarding the information from the review process to the Dean.


Specific requirements for the review of Instructional Academic Staff with less than 50% appointments, and those with 50% of greater appointments, are detailed in the Academic Staff Review Matrix.





            Statement of Policies


             Annual Face-to-Face Review Statement of Performance Objectives



      Merit procedures are identical to those of faculty.  Separate merit pools exist for faculty and for academic staff.  For additional information, see Merit Procedures


            Checksheet for Instructional Academic Staff & Department Chairs-Purple Book


·Noninstructional academic staff


      Annual Face-to-Face Review Statement of Performance Objectives




·Instructional academic staff:   There are four levels for instructional academic staff, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4.   All academic staff are considered Level 1 academic staff until promoted.  Guidelines for promotion, including minimum number of years of service, procedures, timelines, and the application form, are found at the UW-Whitewater University Handbook, Section V, K, 2 Teaching Academic Staff Promotion Policy. 


Additional information regarding promotion, including the Cover Letter; Promotion Policy; Promotion Application; and Promotion Timeline, is accessible at: .


            ·Noninstructional academic staff:  The Titling process is used for promotion of noninstructional academic staff members.  The Academic Staff Assembly Titling Committee (a standing Academic Staff Committee) assumes the responsibilities of evaluating and assigning the initial title of academic staff positions.     The categories include:   Category A positions of New Position, Vacant Position, Changed Position, and Distinguished Prefix; Category B Prefix Designations of Associate Lecturer, Lecturer, and Senior Lecturer; and Conversion of Classified Positions to Unclassified.    Information on the criteria for titling decisions for each of the above-named positions, policies and procedures for the submission of requests for changes of titling, timelines, and appeals of negative decisions are found in the UW-Whitewater University Handbook, Section V, J, 1-5, Academic Staff Titling.


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